The design for the ChatterBox Pavilion was developed in collaboration with Helena Kranjc to offer a public installation in one of the main intersections of the city of Portsmouth, in south England. The aim was to present both the city and the people who live(d) in it, proving the multiculturalism and openness of Portsmouth. The original entry was adapted to follow public art regulations from the city council.

1st prize entry ‘ChatterBox’ for ’Multicultural City’ pavilion design competition press entries.
Helena and my engagement to the project continued throughout design and technical detailing developments, supervised by Guido Robazza, with whom we coordinated both the production and the construction of the pavilion. Throughout the entire process, local communities were engaged such as ‘Chat over Chai‘, an association leaded by women with migrant background, ‘The Maker‘s Guild‘, a workshop and lab experimenting with traditional techniques and new technologies, ‘Journeys Festival International‘, the School of Architecture, students from Architecture, Interior Architecture and Illustration courses, and the City Council. It was funded partially by ‘Arts Council England‘.
The entire process, from conception to development and production, construction and assembly on site was an extremely gratifying experience for all parties involved. A diversity and inclusivity in representation both in the tiles‘ artwork and in the actual participants of the project was achieved by inviting and giving a voice to people of many different age groups, nationalities, backgrounds, (dis-)abilities, experiences, etc.
photography by Ker Neng Peh
photography by Ker Neng Peh
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