_publications (main author)
scientific article "(Homo-)Sexual pleasure beyond the metropolis:
The intimate queering of spaces in Aachen"

co-author: Dr. Phevos Kallitsis, to be released (2022)

scientific article "Queer(ing Digital) Citymaking.
Resilience through local and virtual queer spatial production in times of crisis"

'pnd – rethinking planning' scientific publication (RWTH Aachen) 2021

essay: "Queer(ing) spaces outside the metropolis:
Aachen, a case study"

University of Oxford's Queer Studies Network Blog at TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities) 2021

_other publications
poster: "Lebenswelten im Rheinischen Revier: Beiträge zum nachhaltigen Strukturwandel"
Förster, A.; Sánchez-Molero M., J.M.; Strobel, E., (RWTH Aachen) 2022
poster: "Nachhaltigen Wandel gestalten: Vernetzte Impulse aus Forschung und Entwicklung"
Förster, A.; Strobel, E.; Sánchez-Molero M., J.M. (RWTH Aachen) 2022
infographics and illustrations for publication and card set:
'Baukultur Instant' infographics and illustrations
for the research publication by Studio Stadt Region, frei04 publizistik, (BBSR) 2020
Cooperation in ’The Neo-European City’ manifesto and exhibition
for the German National Urban Development Policy Congress
University of Kassel, 2017

_conferences, lectures & events
RC21 "Ordinary Cities in Exceptional Times" Conference in Athens
paper & presentation for the session "Starting from the queer:
LGBTQi+ spatialities as commons"

24th-26th August 2022
"Queer Urban Nights" Conference, at Dublin City University
paper & presentation for the Session "Queer Mappings"

27th-28th May 2022
guided "QUEERingAACHEN Walks"
queer urban walks at Aachen city centre – summers of 2020, 2021, 2022
(sponsored/co-organised by VHS Aachen, Queerreferat Aachen, Gleichstellungsprojekt RWTH, ACademie, KatHo NRW)

transnational sexuality-focused research cluster based in Dublin City University, Ireland
– member since 2022

Queer Space Working Group
transnational virtual group of architecture and urbanism researchers and academics exploring the relation of space and queer studies, Cyberspace
– member since 2021

FRINGE urban narratives
interdisciplinary network interested in the cultural imagining and narrating urban experiences from the margins based in Universidad de Alcalá, Spain
– member since 2022

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