Cinecittà is a district in South-East Rome which received its name from the influential film studios that has produced classics  such as Roman Holiday, Ben-Hur, Cleopatra, Gangs of New York and more recently, The Young Pope.
The Aqueducts' Park is at the western border of the district and offers an immense green area only interrupted by relics of ancient roman aqueducts.
This was the scenery for the masterplan which included the design of the Cinecittà Academy for Performing Arts.
As both a reference and a modernised vision of the Cinecittà studios, a new programmatic approach of studies is offered at Cinecittà Academy.
The building consists of four faculties: dance, music, acting and technology, organised at different vertical positions in four independant prismal volumes. All of them are covered with a mesh skin overgrown by greenery and underneath which a glass façade allows natural light to illuminate the entire academy.
Each faculty possesses rehearsal and performance rooms and allows through the connections of the ensemble an interdisciplinary exchange between the fields of study.
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